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Plant Supports Information

Information regarding our high quality heavy duty plant supports

Plant Supports

What are our plant supports for?

Our Plants Supports are sturdy metal structures, from simple stakes to larger metal frames, designed for durability and specific heavy duty purposes.

Do I need our plant supports for my garden?

You may find that a lot of Plants Supports on the market are either to flimsy or restrict what you can use them for. We offer some products that you can adapt to some specific groups of plants such as tall herbaceous or shrubs by making your own Plant Support loop.

What plants are our obelisks used for?

Our obelisks are really heavy duty Plant Supports. They are designed to supports woody plants such as Roses, Vines, Wisterias but also softer plants such as Clematis, Honeysuckles, Sweet Peas, Nasturtiums, etc...

Why some obelisks can be supplied with our bird feeder design? 

We are bird lovers and we know that birds love to perch well above ground to feed or visit gardens. We want to encourage birds in your garden. If you haven't got trees, we believe that our obelisks and tall heavy duty Plant Supports can just provide that.

Which plant support should I buy?

If you wish to support a large clump of tall herbaceous of any size, PS1 Plant Supports organized in a network with a string is best.

If you wish to support or stake an individual tall plant or a shrub, PS2 Plant Support fitted with wire is adequate. The holes along the rod allows you to create your own size loop making PS2 an Adaptable Plant Support.

How should I setup my plant support stakes?

We are currently making some short videos to show you how you can do it.